Recent Grants

April 2021 - Raising the Next Generation- £55,000 committed, 10 projects approved.

Transitions UK is a registered charity established in 2014, with a mission to provide support, mentoring and personal development that changes young lives and futures across the UK. It particularly focuses on disadvantaged young people with learning disabilities, care leavers, those at risk of criminal exploitation or offending and those with mental health and emotional needs. It works across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, parts of north London and the West Midlands.

The project we are funding will deliver financial skills workshops for 50 young people who are leaving care as part of Transitions UK’s Attain Project. The Attain Project provides a two year befriending and mentoring service, in a nurturing environment for personal development, together with supportive networks and direction that helps young people develop into becoming well-adjusted young adults. The one hour for 10 weeks workshop programme will be delivered in collaboration with Santander and Metro Bank.

The Money Charity was originally called Credit Action and is the UK’s leading financial capability charity. Its aim is to empower people across the UK to build their skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to make the most of their money throughout their lives. It does this through a number of approaches: primarily supporting and training young people in school settings, young people and adults in community settings and adults in workplaces and through campaigning, contributing to policy consultations and advising financial service providers.

We are enabling The Money Charity to deliver 18 Covid Response Money Workshops to around 180 vulnerable young people aged between 16 and 24. Each workshop will be tailored to each community organisation and its young people. The participants will develop confidence, knowledge and skills around managing their money, how to save, plan and budget, and how to access financial support services. The workshops will improve their financial capability, reduce their risk of experiencing financial difficulties and improve their ability to cope if they do find themselves in difficult financial circumstances.

Insight Society was formally established in 2003 as a non-profit company, and is a service-user-led social enterprise. It helps and supports people who are blind, or severely visually impaired (BSVI) who live in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Most service users are BSVI women from black and minority ethnic communities including a significant number who speak English as a second language. The main services it provides include advice and guidance, education, creative arts, employment and training, and health and social care services.

The project that we are funding will enable Insight Society to train 100 BSVI young people to plan their own personal finances and take full control of their bank and credit card accounts. Financial independence for young blind people has been challenging for many years-however, with new smartphone app technology, and voice-controlled software such as JAWS, this is now becoming an accessible reality. Bespoke training resources will be created. A translator and employees from local financial institutions will support delivery. A combination of small group training and one-to-one sessions will enable the participants to become more self-sufficient in controlling and managing their own finances independently.

Larne CAP Debt Centre began operating in 2014, working in partnership with Larne Baptist Church and Gardenmore Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland. It is part of the wider Christians Against Poverty network of 296 debt centres based in churches across the UK, which support people to get free practical debt help and equip them with the tools and confidence to face any financial challenges in future.

The project we are funding is to support the delivery of CAP Money Management courses to children and young people in the Larne area. The courses will be delivered in primary and secondary schools and to community groups. The CAP Money courses teach age-appropriate practical skills and money management techniques such as creating a budget and how to shop and cook on a budget. Decision-making skills are an integral aspect of this training, as is how to survive life when income is limited and how to make your money go further.

Act On It was founded in 2004, and registered as a not-for-profit company in 2009. It is based in East Sussex and specialises in using drama and creativity to support marginalised young people excluded from education. It works across the South East, training teachers to use a drama-based approach to support marginalised students in primary and secondary school settings.

The project we are funding will enable Act On It to further develop its Moneywise project. It will deliver six online financial-literacy workshops to 10 young people who are not in mainstream education. The young people will work through existing Moneywise resources and then create and produce new money-based content for additional online resources for their peers, including comparing different bank accounts and how to access student finance. Act On It will train 10 teachers/support workers as Project Champions to use the Moneywise resources and to share them with others in their own setting.

Leaders in Community is a youth-led registered charity run by a group of active young people from Tower Hamlets in London. It was set up in 2009 by a group of young adults who wanted to improve their local services. Its trustee board and staff today are all aged under 30. Its mission is to provide young people with training to develop their personal resilience and overcome barriers to progression. It wants to equip them with the skills and opportunities to speak out about community issues, and challenge inequalities.

The project we are funding is to enable 40 young people aged 16-18 to learn and improve their money management skills. Four cohorts of 10 young people will attend a series of five money management workshops run by financial education experts MyBnk. The sessions will cover practical and relevant everyday financial issues: budgeting, investments, needs vs wants, careers, tax, fraud, banking, credit, debt and savings, to boost financial literacy and confidence in the young people. Each workshop will include a range of interactive activities and the chance to debate and discuss. Each young person will also receive four hours of one-to-one mentoring with a financial focus, spread over a number of weeks.

Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust, is a registered charity, established in 2007 by the rugby league club Hull Kingston Rovers. Its vision is "to provide opportunities for members of the community to become the best they can be" through sport, physical activity, health, wellbeing and education. It is based in Marfleet, East Hull, which has exceptionally high levels of deprivation, with over 27% of residents receiving out-of-work benefits and one in three children living in poverty. It works in Marfleet, and in schools and communities across Hull.

We are supporting its employability team to deliver the ‘My Money’ project. This will provide financial awareness and one-to-one support to 75 young people aged 18 and 25. All participants will attend monthly seminars, and have regular one-to-one support from their adviser. To aid delivery the two lead advisers will undertake further financial capability training provided by the charity Quaker Social Action. Depending on the UK lockdown status, it hopes to deliver face to face, but is able to deliver the project digitally if necessary.

CRiBS is a registered charity based in Bexleyheath in Kent, which has been operating for over 27 years. Its mission is for all children and young people to have the opportunity to explore and think through the values they live by and the beliefs that underpin them. Its work is open to people of all faiths or none. It specifically helps schools to develop the whole person by providing PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic) and RE (Religious Education) support, as well as mentoring and behavioural interventions for those students who are struggling at school for whatever reason.

The project we are funding is to upskill and train three members of its schools'outreach team in being able to deliver the CAP Money Course for Kids (ages 9-11) and the CAP Money Youth course (ages 14-16). Following the training, the team will deliver 32 CAP Kids' Money courses across sixteen primary schools and deliver the CAP Money Youth course to 32 classes across four secondary schools. Around 1,900 pupils will benefit and will be taught good money management skills in an age-appropriate and interactive way.

Active Youth Outreach Services is a community interest company, which has worked within the communities of Worcestershire since 2015. Its vision is focused on addressing the issues surrounding youth disaffection and disengagement. The services it offers include community and positive engagement, national curriculum support, anti-social behaviour intervention, relationship training, internet safety and team building.

Our funding will enable Active Youth Outreach Services to help over 800 young people in a post-lockdown environment to find work or education and get support with managing their money. It will partner with national financial education specialists The Money Charity and schools to deliver 28 half-day sessions in at least five schools and colleges in the Kidderminster area. The sessions will deliver a combined workshop of money management, employment and training support.

The Family Trust is a registered Christian charity established in 1988. For over 30 years it has been providing services to primary schools in the Maidstone, Medway and Swale areas of Kent. It delivers a diverse range of projects to over 170 schools across the area reaching over 45,000 children every year. It works in partnership with churches and is supported by around 200 volunteers.

The project we are funding will deliver 42 CAP Kids' Money Courses to around 1,300 pupils in years five and six. The CAP Kids' Money course consists of two 90 minute sessions, teaching the foundations of good money management to ensure children grow up to be financially capable adults. Basic financial education skills are taught, including budgeting, pensions, taxes, salaries and interest. It also considers the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ and the idea of contentment. Each session is interactive and dynamic with opportunities for group work as well as independent thought.

November 2020 - Building & Developing Resilience - over £58,000 committed, 9 projects approved.

Free@last is a registered charity, located and working in the culturally diverse Nechells district, in central Birmingham. It originally started in 1999 as a support network for dads, and has expanded into all areas of community development and need, offering youth workshops, debt management help, and running enrichment activities such as trips and excursions.

Free@last has developed and is implementing a poverty strategy, to help eradicate the issue of child poverty in its area, and break the ‘handout’ mentality of some local residents. Our funding will support this strategy, by strengthening the capacity of the debt advice service which has been running for 12 years, and by enabling free@last to deliver monthly financial workshops to around 120 people over the year. The essence of the project is to demonstrate that the debt cycle can be broken and that there is support to help residents take positive steps to breaking the poverty mindset.

Ella’s is a London-based charity working with women who have survived trafficking and sexual exploitation. Ella’s began in 2014, opened its first safe house in 2016, and now in 2020 operates and runs two safe houses and a community outreach programme, working with survivors in neighbourhoods across London.

The safe houses give women a safe place to stay and provides tailored, one-on-one support from professional, compassionate caseworkers. For many survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation, their journey of recovery can be long and complex. Ella’s community outreach programme provides long=term expert person-centred support to vulnerable survivors and their families.

The project we are funding will provide 1:1 budgeting support to 30 women who are resident in Ella’s safe houses or who are part of their outreach caseload. Four frontline staff will be able to enhance and develop their budgeting support knowledge, being funded to attend Community Money Advice’s Budget Coach training course.

Mesila is dedicated to empowering Orthodox Jewish communities to understand and apply the fundamental principles of financial stability. It has been operating in the UK since 2016, based in London, but works in communities across the UK supporting many ‘just about managing’ and low-income families. For adults this includes a comprehensive financial coaching service, workshops and seminars. For children and young adults it provides financial educational programmes to ensure they develop strong foundations.

The project we are funding will provide support for those who have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including but not limited to 1:1 financial coaching for 80 individuals, and delivery of 4 webinars on current topical issues: redundancy, the uncertain financial climate, planning for the future, and government support, which will reach at least 200 beneficiaries. Furthermore, 2 volunteers will receive training and certification to deliver the unique Mesila coaching course.

Freedom Community Project is an independent Christian registered charity, set up in 2008 to support people struggling with poverty in Bolsover. Since then the charity has grown to cover the North East Midlands and Yorkshire, with 14 support centres.

Our funding will contribute to its financial inclusion worker’s annual salary costs. This will enable Freedom to support those in debt and in financial crisis with money management advice and guidance. In particular, it will focus on individuals whose mental health is vulnerable supporting them digitally, via video or phone call, or in person.

Bags of Taste is a non-profit company which works with vulnerable people struggling with food poverty to enable them to eat healthy food on a budget. It has been delivering ‘food resilience’ courses since 2014, and currently operates in 13 areas across England: Birmingham, Haringey, Islington, Southwark, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, City of London, Wandsworth, Waltham Forest, Thanet, Sheffield, Maldon and Hastings.

Bags of Taste has learned that the issue with the poor diets of people in poverty is complex and deeply entwined with the poverty trap. Its proprietary research into the barriers that people in poverty face has led it to develop a multi-layered intervention that addresses issues of motivation; confidence; lack of financial resource; the sourcing of good, cost effective ingredients; and lack of skills and equipment. It uses aspects of behavioural economics, network science, social psychology and other concepts such as nudge techniques to encourage and motivate participants to make the healthier choices that will affect their daily diets long term.

Our funding will enable Bags of Taste to run 2 physical 'food resilience' courses in the London boroughs of Islington and Southwark, working with 52 participants, Covid restrictions permitting. A further 2 courses will be run in Sheffield (50% match-funded) working with 52 participants. If Covid restrictions are prohibitive, the project would convert to delivering mentored virtual courses, which would teach a total of 108 participants.

Cannock Chase Advice Centre is a small registered charity established in 1997 in a deprived ex-mining area of Staffordshire. It is an independent advice centre, run by 10 volunteers. To deliver this project it will be working in partnership with Penk Moneywise, a local debt advice centre which comes under the umbrella of Community Money Advice.

The project we are funding will provide support to 60 people who are living on or below the poverty line. They will all receive 1:1 debt management coaching sessions. In partnership with Penk Moneywise, it will deliver 4 money management courses, utilising free resources produced by the Just Finance Foundation: Covid Cash Recovery and Cash Smart Credit Savvy, and Penk Moneywise’s own in-house ‘Being Moneywise’ resource.

Swindon Advocacy Movement (SAM) was set up as a user-led organisation in 1995 as a response to many people with learning disabilities leaving long-stay hospitals to live more independently in the community. It has been delivering community-based projects that make long-term, meaningful changes to the lives of people with learning disabilities now for over 25 years. In 2014 it was awarded the Swindon borough contract to provide statutory advocacy services under the Mental Care Act, the Mental Capacity Act and the Care Act.

Our funding will enable SAM to deliver financial skills and confidence-building sessions to 25 adults with learning disabilities living in Swindon, including 1:1 work and where relevant small group work. Twenty beneficiaries will achieve AQA Unit Award Scheme certificates, and 10 will be supported to access online training. This will be delivered by a 5-hour-a week funded project co-ordinator post over 1 year, with the support of a volunteer recruited on to the project.

Tailored Advice Services in Communities (TASC) formed as a community interest company in 2014 to deliver welfare and money advice and training for individuals and groups in Knowsley, Liverpool, Lancashire and Widnes. It works in partnership with local agencies such as Knowsley Disability Concern, Shap Ltd charity, and KPAIS (Knowsley Pensioners' Advocacy and Information Service).

Our funding will support TASC’s Switched On Communities project, which will be delivered in TASC’s newly acquired digital hub which has been set up to provide online services for Knowsley residents. It will support approximately 120 older people, offering one-to-one help and advice for those struggling to get online and experiencing financial exclusion. The project will deliver 4 2-hour training courses aimed at older people in the digital hub (depending on Covid restrictions). The course will include financial health checks, online banking, TV licensing awareness for over-75s, awareness of online scams, price comparisons and how to protect yourself from financial abuse. This will all be delivered through the funding of a 6-hour-a-week ‘older advisor’ post.

Rugby Christian Life Centre is a church and registered charity that has a vision and ethos to support the whole community in which it is situated. It currently delivers a number of initiatives to support the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged, the isolated and excluded. It has been established in the New Bilton area of Rugby for over 24 years. During the Covid-19 pandemic it has developed a working partnership with New Bilton Community Association

The project we are pilot funding is the New Bilton Job Club. This will deliver financial literacy advice and guidance, and work-readiness skills to at least 30 people aged between 35 and 65 in the New Bilton, Long Lawford and Newbold areas of Rugby who have been affected by the pandemic. This will be delivered by a 15-hour-a-week funded project-worker post over 1 year.

November 2019 - Life Changing Transitions - just under £45,000 committed, 7 projects approved.

The Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan Trust, a registered charity was established in 2009 in Leicester. In 2018 they supported over 2,000 disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Leicestershire. They support people to live without the fear of violence and abuse, by providing holistic practical support by helping people transform their lives through education, skills development and employment opportunities.

The project we are funding is to support 78 people, who have become homeless as a result of a change/transition in their life, to successfully maintain a new tenancy. This will be achieved through intensive and wide-ranging tailored 1:1 support to empower people to change their relationship with money, maximise their income and reduce expenditure, understand the important tasks that need to be undertaken so not to fall behind with their rent and priority bills. A project advisor will be funded for 12 hours per week for six months.

Bestwood Advice Centre is a small grassroots charity based in the Bestwood ward of Nottingham. They have been providing free, impartial, confidential advice and support services for over 35 years to their local communities of Bestwood and Basford.

The project we will fund is Life after Debt. It will take a holistic, preventative approach to debt management, by providing a tailored support programme consisting of at least 4 meetings with 120 clients post-case closure. Providing this support will reduce the likelihood of re-entering situations of debt. Meetings will include budget planning, assistance with opening accounts, changing energy suppliers or other contracts. Progress of clients will be monitored by using their resource Value, Money and Me packs.

The Pandora Project, is a registered charity based in King's Lynn, which was established in 2013. Its main aim is to support women affected by domestic abuse in rural West Norfolk.

The project will deliver 1:1 financial capability support and guidance to 50 vulnerable women who live in West Norfolk. Each will be offered up to 6 sessions. This will be delivered by a 10 hour per week funded finance-worker post over one year. The project will empower women to take control of their finances and feel comfortable and more confident managing their money. Having an in-house finance worker who understands the financial impact of domestic abuse will improve the service Pandora can offer their clients.

Access2Advice is a Community Interest Company, established in 2007 in Derby. Their goal is to reduce re-offending through innovative means by working to ensure reliable and effective support for decreasing debt, improving financial capability and developing employment skills for offenders.

The aim of this project is to help ease the life transition offenders face when reintegrating back into the community by providing group debt, benefits and financial capability skills and support for 60 prisoners who committed offenses of a sexual nature and who are nearing the end of a custodial sentence in HMP Lincoln. The project will deliver two 3 hour workshops in HMP Lincoln and then evaluate the programme to establish the need and impact of the project for this offender group.

Clean Slate Training & Employment CIC was set up in 2006, by the former Managing Director of the Big Issue. They are based in Bath. Their overarching aim is to create a lasting impact that helps people help themselves to overcome poverty and escape the threat of homelessness. Clean Slate works with long term unemployed people, ex-offenders, people with histories of substance abuse, people with learning and physical disabilities and new parents.

Our funding will fund four 3 Bs group money skill training days to a minimum of 30 people at risk of homelessness in Gloucester. Each 6 hour money skills training course, addresses participants' attitudes to money and fills any gaps in their financial life skills. The 3 Bs borrow from the triple-threat faced by Universal Credit claimants: banking, budgeting and being online, but goes on to explore borrowing less, saving more, spending less and earning more. The course creates a safe space to explore the way people in their situation should think, behave and manage their money. It will involve participants editing content for Quids in! magazine and act as an agony aunt. By the end of the course they will have identified their own goals and the key steps they will need to take.

Musselburgh and District Citizens Advice has been delivering quality advice and guidance for over 45 years in its local community in Midlothian, Scotland. Since 2011, they have had a Financial Capability Officer delivering a Money Matters project to a range of groups, and have more recently developed a partnership with Criminal Justice and Social Work Teams in East and Midlothian to provide support for their clients who are offenders, at risk of offending or who are victims of domestic abuse.

The project will deliver 36 financial education group sessions to 26 women who attend the Connect, Spring and Supper Bite sessions. It will offer 1:1 support to women who need help to budget and support to negotiate with creditors. It will upskill and train 20 professionals who work in the Criminal Justice Social Work Teams in Mid and East Lothian, using CAB accredited training resources. All the activities will be funded by a 6 hour per week post over one year.

Middle Eastern Women and Society organisation (MEWSo) is a small registered charity based in Islington, North West London. They have been been delivering services to Middle Eastern, North African and Asian migrant, refugee and asylum seeking women and survivors of gender based violence in Westminster and Islington for over 8 years.

The project that we will fund will improve the financial knowledge and resilience of 35 women and their dependants at a critical point of their lives, namely divorce or separation. The service will be delivered over 40 weeks by two experienced welfare advisors who have lived experience of separation, and can speak native languages (English, Arabic, Kurdish and Farsi). Four hours of 1:1 support per week will be delivered. Four workshops of 3 hours each using the CAP Money Course resources will be delivered. A financial capability resource in English, Arabic, Kurdish and Farsi will be developed. Two community volunteers with lived experience will be trained to support and co-facilitate training and provide outreach and further support on financial matters to clients in need.

April 2019 - Raising the Next Generation Round - just under £49,000 committed, 10 projects approved.

Newbigin Community Trust is a registered charity, serving and empowering the culturally diverse community in Winson Green, Birmingham. They facilitate and create opportunities for neighbours to work together towards common goals and create community and networks of mutual support; a place that reduces social isolation and supports people in times of need.

This project will employ an Advocate Coordinator for 10 hours per week to deliver and support the following activities:

Recruit & train 6 volunteer peer advocates, their training comprises of 5 half day financial capability workshops.

Provide 2 x 3.5 hour weekly drop in sessions, one at HMP Birmingham's Visitor Centre and the other at Newbigin House.

3 hours of family outreach will be provided each week to vulnerable families where English is not the first language for banking / benefit support.

In partnership with Birmingham Settlement's Training Unit 25 young people aged 11-16, will attend 2 financial education workshops.

Surviving Economic Abuse is an independent national charity founded in 2017 to raise awareness of economic abuse in the context of domestic abuse, and to transform responses to it. Their vision is a world in which women and girls achieve economic equality and can live their lives free of abuse and exploitation.

This project will develop course content and materials to increase young peoples' knowledge and understanding of how to manage their personal finances and the economic aspect of relationships with a view to preventing young people and women in particular becoming victims of domestic abuse. A pilot programme will be delivered in at least 2 settings, 'School 21' in Stratford and charity partner 'Tender' to teach 35-75 young people. A minimum of 6 training programmes will be delivered.

By March 2020, a range of online & downloadable free tools & resources will be created to be used by a range of youth practitioners.

The Community Bureau, based in Lochgilphead, Argyll, is a Scottish Charity Incorporated Organisation. Founded in 2015, they are an umbrella organisation supporting a range of innovative community development projects and social enterprises designed to meet the needs of their rural and remote community.

This project will deliver the Skills for Living Project to 8 young people with Learning Difficulties.

Two cohorts of 4 people each will attend 4 x 90 minute financial skills workshops. Following completion of the workshops each young person will have the opportunity to volunteer in a safe environment for up to 2 hours on 3 successive weeks.

Community Stuff is a Community Interest Company based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. They have been operating for over 5 years, bringing community together with free fun activities, events, training and learning opportunities.

This project will deliver the hands on course Spend Less, Eat Well. The course teaches people how to manage their money better, learn basic organisational skills and practical cookery skills.

The course comprises 6 x 3 hour sessions, using the resource, 'Beyond the Foodbank' and online resources from the MSE website. The course will be delivered twice. The beneficiaries will be 16 Young Mums who reside in the Salvation Army Young Mothers' houses in Newhaven and Eastbourne.

Speaking Out is a registered Community Interest Company with over 10 years’ experience delivering services to residents of hostels for homeless people across Birmingham and the Black Country.

This project will engage and support 30 young people aged 16-18, who are resident in five homeless hostels across Birmingham and Dudley.

Five new volunteers will be trained to work with the young people in the hostels. There will be 1:1 tuition for each participant as well as weekly group sessions. This support will be delivered over 20 weeks to help them learn basic budgeting skills, numeracy and give them the opportunity to take an adult numeracy AEB qualification.

The project focuses on developing an appreciation of the value and importance of money as a key way of reintegration into society.

St. Andrew's Community Network is a registered charity, it has been supporting vulnerable people in Clubmoor, north Liverpool since 2003. They have delivered money advice and budgeting support for over 10 years, and are the co-ordinators for the north Liverpool Food Bank.

Over the year this project will train 10 new volunteer money advocates to support 40 people. It will deliver the Just Finance Foundation short money courses: Cash Smart Credit Savvy and Universal Credit Savvy adult courses twice per month to 164 adults over the year. In collaboration with West Derby School and Holly Lodge Girls College, a 6 week money foundation course will be delivered to 120 young people in Year 12.

Warm Hut, a registered charity was established in 2009 to support French speaking asylum seekers and refugees living in the Greater Manchester area, especially in Salford. The charity now has a wider remit of helping the local community in Salford and surrounding areas such as Cheetwood and Cheetham Hill.

This project will provide a face to face drop-in debt and money advice service for refugees and migrants experiencing financial difficulties, alongside a weekly club to discuss finance and related issues. It will deliver 10 x 2 hour workshops and learning circles providing preventative information & support. Topics covered include: trust in UK financial institutions; remittances; transferring money abroad; bad credit history; living within means and saving for the future.

A community personal finance outreach programme in Cheetwood will support up to 30 young people, aged 16-21,and up to 10 Community & Faith leaders.

North Bristol Advice Centre is an independent charity that has been delivering advice, representation and community services in deprived areas across North Bristol and South Gloucestershire for over 30 years. Their aim is to promote social justice and combat poverty by providing free and independent advice and support that enables people to develop skills, improve wellbeing and make positive changes in their lives and communities.

This project will deliver the Money Smart course to 60 young people aged 15-18 in partnership with South Gloucestershire & Stroud College. It will deliver 4 courses to 4 tutor groups comprising of 4 x 1 hour sessions. A further 1 hour follow up session will be delivered to all groups later in the year.

Oasis Hub Mayfield is based in a deprived area of Southampton. It was established in 2008, by the international charity Oasis whose vision is to build communities where everyone is included, and people reach their potential. Their Community Hub model is designed to meet the individual needs of a locality, which are tailored to maximise local opportunities.

Four workshops will be delivered at the Oasis hub site by a money trainer from local debt advice service Frontline Debt Advice. They will provide practical budgeting advice and support for up to 40 parents whose children attend the Oasis academies Mayfield and Sholing.

Arun and Chichester Citizens Advice is an independent charity and a member of the National Association of Citizens Advice. Their service is free, confidential, independent and impartial.

This project will employ an experienced financial capability worker for 1 day per week. Working in partnership with Safe in Sussex and My Syster's House it will deliver a flexible programme of 18 financial capability workshops using & adapting financial capability resources from national Citizens Advice, to approximately 48 survivors of domestic abuse.

46 1:1 sessions will be available for those requiring additional support, specifically around the use of IT. Citizens Advice’s digital money coaching materials will be used.

Safe in Sussex and My Syster’s House support workers will benefit by having a specialist resource to refer clients to for financial capability work, freeing up their time to provide broader support to develop clients self-esteem and confidence.