How to Apply

New grants programme - June 2024

The vision of the MSE Charity is

"to support UK non-profit organisations to deliver activities which will make a lasting impact on the way people think, behave and manage their money."

All projects we fund must support people to improve their ability to manage their money.  

Step 1

Take our quick Eligibility Quiz to review our key grant making criteria to self-assess if we are able to support in principle your project and organisation. If you are eligible this will unlock a weblink to access the Stage 1 - Outline Proposal application form.

Our first grant round opened on Wednesday 19 June. It will remain open until Friday 31 July, but please note we may close early if we have received too many Outline Proposals. 

Step 2

Complete our Stage1 - Outline Proposal online form, referring to our Guidance Notes and our FAQS.  

The Outline Proposal is a brief form that enables you to tell us about your organisation and what financial capability activities you would like us to consider funding.  This should provide sufficient detail for our Grants Advisory Panel (GAP) to assess whether to invite your organisation to complete a full application.  You can review the questions here

If you are not sure how to answer any questions, or need additional support to access, we will be happy to help. Please email in the first instance and we can answer your query, or we can arrange a phone call back. 

Step 3

Wait - The Grants Advisory Panel will consider and review the Outline Proposals received, and make decisions on which organisations to short-list to make a Stage 2 application. All applicants will be notified. 

For the current grant round this will be communicated by Friday 30 August 2024

Step 4

If you have been invited through to Stage 2, you will be sent an online link to complete a full application form, with approximately one month to complete.  This will require more detailed information to be provided about your organisation; evidence of need, the project activities; the team's experience; the outcomes you are hoping to achieve; a detailed project budget; and submission of supporting documents including your latest annual accounts and a recent bank statement. 

The Stage 2 application deadline for the current round is Friday 4 October 2024

Step 5

Wait...  the Grant Advisory Panel consider and review Stage 2 applications in October, final decisions will be made at the Panel meeting on Wednesday 6 November 2024

Applicants will be advised of the outcome within 10 working days of the meeting which for this round will be Thursday 21 November 2024.  

If you have not heard from us by this date please do not hesitate to get in touch