What we Fund

Our Purpose

The MSE Charity is dedicated to supporting UK voluntary groups deliver financial life skills, which make a lasting impact on the way people think, behave & manage their money.

Who we Fund

We prefer to fund small to medium-sized non-profit organisations with a constitution for example registered Charities, CICs, Credit Unions, excluding statutory organisations.

Organisations should have an annual income under £750,000 and have less than six months free reserves.

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How we Fund

Usually we invite organisations to apply if they have a great idea for a financial capability project, related to the current grant round theme. The grant round themes for September 2020 and February 2021 were modified due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Update May 2022 - we are responding to the urgent need of the Cost of Living Crisis which is impacting many people in the UK. We have updated our grant criteria and the timing of our next grant round so we can get emergency funding out to organisations in late September 2022.

Each theme is usually repeated every two years.

Each round will focus on delivering financial life skills projects to organisations who assist and support defined groups.

The group categories range from children, carers, older people, offenders, to those living with disabilities.

There are two grant rounds per year, applications are only invited online in January and usually in September. However in 2022 we are inviting applications in the summer 20th June - 22nd July 2022.

We limit each grant round to the first 40 accepted applications.

All grants are below £7,500.

Grant Round Themes & Dates

There are two rounds per year, four themes rotate through a two year cycle.

Applications Accepted Between

20th June – 22nd July 2022

Decision Meeting

6th September 2022

Applications Accepted Between

4th September – 29th September 2023

Decision Meeting

7th November 2023

Applications Accepted Between

3rd January- 31st January 2023

Decision Meeting

7th March 2023

Applications Accepted Between

2nd January – 31st January 2024

Decision Meeting

5th March 2024

Grant rounds close early if 40 applications have been accepted, so make sure you apply early in the month the grant round is open.