Please review the funded projects under the grant theme Raising the Next Generation.

We are always looking to receive applications which use memorable, innovative, and or creative ways of delivering financial life skills which will make a lasting impact on the way people think, behave and manage their money.

Check out what the Trustees and the Grant Advisory Panel particularly liked about the projects featured.

Surviving Economic Abuse is an independent national charity founded in 2017. It is the only UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of economic abuse and transforming responses to it. The charity works day in, day out to ensure that women are supported not only to survive, but also to thrive.

Our funding enabled Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) to develop and pilot financial capability training course content and resources for young people. The purpose was to increase young people’s knowledge and understanding of how to manage their personal finances, and the economic aspect of relationships, with a view to raising awareness and understanding of economic abuse so that young people, and young women in particular, can recognise the warning signs and seek support.

SEA delivered financial capability sessions to audiences of young people and financial capability educators of young people. The sessions were delivered to a range of audience types and used different methodologies. These included: three presentations to 150 student nurses (male and female, aged 18-25 years); a workshop with Tender's Youth Panel; a discussion session with school-age care leavers at MyBnk's The Money House; a workshop with St John’s Ambulance Cadets; and a lunch and learn session for 20 financial capability educators at MyBnk.

The new resources created and developed by the project complement SEA's existing suite of resources which are available on their website, which are Tools to Thrive for victim-survivors of economic abuse, and Tools to Support for professionals supporting victim-survivors, domestic abuse service workers, money and debt advisors, housing sector professionals, lawyers, financial services staff and youth practitioners.

We particularly liked that Surviving Economic Abuse's pilot course had been co-created collaboratively with young people, and the 'Experts by Experience' group of victim- survivors, which made it relevant and real to participants.

Your Own Place is a social enterprise based in Norwich. Their mission is to prevent youth homelessness by equipping young people with the skills, confidence and knowledge to live safely and securely by developing financial, tenancy, employment and independent living skills.

Our funding enabled Your Own Place to deliver three Tenancy & Independent Living Skills (TILS) courses in King's Lynn, Thetford and Great Yarmouth to young people at risk of homelessness.

With two trainers as well as one peer trainer, each course lasted three days. They used experiential, innovative, engaging and dynamic youth work skills to develop skills and confidence. They trained 21 young people in budgeting, saving, tenancies, housing options, debt and APR, where to get help, financial confidence and furnishing their own home.

Thanks to this grant Your Own Place are now receiving more commissions in these localities, and are able to reach more vulnerable young people.

We particularly liked that young people attending Your Own Place's TILS course, gained practical skills, and it gave them the opportunity to receive ongoing support.

Food is Fun is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company based in Plymouth. Their mission is to improve the health and mental well-being of people of all ages through practical food-based interventions.

Our funding delivered pop-up Budgeting and Cookery courses to 31 parents within five primary schools in some of Plymouth's most disadvantaged areas.

Parents learnt practical skills on how to prepare and cook a healthy balanced diet for the whole family on a budget. They learnt how to use and value their money and limited resources more wisely through lessons in shopping, menu planning and food budget management skills. Parents learnt how to shop with children in a way that was both fun and educational. They were taught then how to cook with their children to improve relationships and conversations at home and to engage children in cooking. At the end of each session the children were encouraged to taste the food that had been prepared. The children were really proud of their parents cooking, which was an unexpected outcome.

We particularly liked that this Food Is Fun project enabled parents and their children to relate money management skills into everyday activities.

The Community Bureau, based in Lochgilphead, Argyll, is a Scottish Charity Incorporated Organisation. Founded in 2015, they are an umbrella organisation supporting a range of innovative community development projects and social enterprises designed to meet the needs of their rural and remote community.

Our funding enabled 9 young people with learning disabilities to develop and learn personal financial skills. This project was designed to offer two cohorts of young people a set of four workshops followed by three practical sessions to gain confidence in handling money, in the Campbeltown Community Shop. They were each accompanied and supported by an individual volunteer mentor.

The project facilitator and participants co-produced a resource pack called 'Money Money Money'. The participants wanted to include in the title 'for anyone who finds money just plain difficult'. The workshops included quizzes and practical exercises to make learning fun.

The groups were able to visit a local bank and participants were able to see where money in a cash machine is stored and understand how it works in practice. They learnt how to ask for help should a machine keep their card for any reason. Participants gained an understanding of why saving matters and how saving up for items will help them throughout their lives.

All participants reported improved confidence and practiced new money skills. Four participants will be living independently as soon as they are 18 and felt they would be able to manage this better.

We particularly liked that although The Community Bureau delivered a small project it achieved good outcomes for the participants.

Faithworks Wessex is a local independent Christian charity, based in Bournemouth, Dorset. It is passionate about helping people not only get out of crisis or isolation, but 'journeying' with them until they thrive. They love to find practical solutions around Food, Finance, Home or People.

Our funding enabled Faithworks to deliver Quidz In courses to 19 parents of young children in a local Childrens' Centre. They delivered quarterly workshops at the Probation Hub to 71 ex-offenders. Theproject reached out further to deliver multi-media financial capability sessions to 750 first year students at Bournemouth & Poole College.

The impact of this project has enabled the Money Matters team to access further opportunities with local schools and the YMCA, to widen their reach. They have been able to support beneficiaries with increased knowledge and supported further those who needed 1:1 support.

We particularly liked that this Faithworks Wessex project was ambitious in how much could be achieved with our grant, their passion and ability to be flexible opened doors to enable a far wider reach.

Stroud Beresford Group is a local, independent charity that provides Gloucestershire's only women's refuge alongside a range of other services aimed at preventing domestic abuse or supporting those at risk.

Our funding enabled Stroud Beresford to support 37 financially vulnerable women residing in two refuges to gain financial independence and resilience skills. This support was provided in weekly Money Management workshops and 1:1 support for women to help them through the three phases of their residency at the refuge: Crisis support on arriving at the refuge, building money skills and confidence whilst living at the refuge and thirdly supporting money and budgeting skills to move on from the refuge. Over the year women were supported to claim £642,606 in benefits and grants.

Collaborating with local agencies such as Stroud Food Bank, Stroud Credit Union and Furniture Bank to further support women transitioning towards independence.

We particularly liked that Stroud Beresford Group enabled women to gain financial skills and confidence to help them move from crisis towards independence.

It’s Your Choice is a registered charity, based in the New Forest in Hampshire. They provide free confidential information, support, advice and counselling for young people, aged between 12 and 25 years old.

Our funding supported delivery of 12 one off workshops attended by 169 young people and 3 x 6 week courses delivering one session per week, attended by 19 young people. 6 young peer co-workers received training, delivered by a financial capability worker from the local CAB together with youth advisers from It's Your Choice.

The young peer co-workers all played a part in the design of the course to ensure it would be relevant to other young people. They all participated in the delivery of the courses and gained paid work experience by doing so. All 6 young people confirmed the experience led to improvements in their own self- esteem and increased confidence in the way they managed their own finances. They also confirmed that participating in the project had resulted in enhancement of their CVs, and 5 went on to secure local employment.

We particularly liked that It's Your Choice trained up young people to design and deliver courses to other young people.