How to Apply
We want to make applying for a grant as simple as we can, as we know applying for funding can be a huge challenge for most organisations. 

Each round will focus on delivering financial life skills to different defined groups.

So for each themed grant round there is an Application Brief which outlines what we need you to include in your funding proposal document, plus a short online Application Form to submit. 

Applications are only accepted electronically and within the grant round dates. 

We limit each grant round to the first 40 applications, so please apply early.

The majority of the grants made are for activity costs although some grants fund salaries and running costs. We do not fund capital costs. 
The majority of grants given are under £5k but exceptional applications could go upto £10k. 

    Application Tips

  • To apply, please review the Grant Themes to evaluate whether this is the most suitable Grant Round for your Organsiation to apply to.

  • Review the Application Brief for the current grant round, making sure you understand what detail you need to include in your Funding Proposal.

  • If you have any questions check our FAQs first, if you can't find an answer, please contact us. 

  • Write your Funding Proposal, get someone else to proof read it, and to check you have covered all the points necessary.

  • Check the date - make sure you send it in as soon possible after the grant round opens, February 1st or September 1st respectively. 

  • If the grant round is open and not full, you will be able to access the short online application form, submitting your Funding Proposal as an attachment.

  • If you encounter any problems please contact us.

The Application Brief is now available to download click image above.

Preview the Online Application Form questions here.

Ready to Apply?

All applications must focus on delivering financial life skills to one of the defined groups listed under the Raising the Next Generation theme.

The system will only let you apply once so make sure you have all the information needed first time.

The link to the online application form will be available on this page until the number of accepted applications received, reaches the maximum of 40 for this round, or until 3rd March 2017, whichever is soonest.

Update 28th February 2017 - 40 Applications have now been accepted, grant round now closed.

Any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Usage

As a necessary part of the application process the MSE Charity will be collecting data about your charity.  
We may use this information as part of the process of monitoring the use of those grants.

From time to time the MSE Charity may share the information with other grant providers and external auditors for the following purposes:

  • determining, preventing or detecting crime
  • ensuring that no one individual is receiving multiple grants
  • as part of our external auditing requirements

We will not keep your information on file for longer than we need to. In usual circumstances your file will be shredded after seven years.

By sending us an application you give your explicit consent for us to use data relating to your organisation for the purposes outlined here.