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The MSE Charity

The MSE Charity addresses the UK’s massive problem of financial illiteracy by funding relevant guidance and education for individuals and groups.

The MSE Charity provides grants to constituted groups and charities to promote financial literacy through education or other activities.  So if you’ve an innovative idea to help lots of people, or you're an established charity wanting funding for such a project grants may be available as long as it helps educate and inform people about  financial literacy, consumer or debt issues. 

Why has the charity been set up?

The UK has a massive problem with consumer and debt illiteracy. Companies spend billions on advertising, marketing and teaching their staff to sell – yet we get no buyers' training. The UK is in debt crisis, a whole generation is in debt up to its ears.

The MSE Charity is designed to try and break that cycle of debt.

Where does the money come from?

The money is generated from three sources:

  • Donations from well-wishers. Anyone who wants to support the charity is more than welcome. For the many who've said in the past they'd like to donate to as it's saved them money, the answer is to donate to this charity. How to Donate

  • An annual donation from this site. A donation of over £235,000 was made to launch the charity, and it's hoped a substantial donation will continue to be made each year.
  • Revenue from book sales. All Martin Lewis' proceeds from his books Thrifty Ways and Three Lessons go directly to this charity.

All this cash - less some small administration costs, which aren't expected to exceed 10% of income - will go directly to the beneficiaries. The cost of the day-to-day operation of the charity will be met by a separate personal donation by Martin Lewis OBE.

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