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Supported Projects - 2012

JAN Trust (£2000)

This grant is to be used towards running a financial literacy and empowerment programme for 40 socially excluded and disadvantaged Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and refugee and asylum women (BAMER) in Haringey.

  • The programme will cover all elements of finance, based on the Toynbee Hall materials, resources such as NatWest Money Sense and utilise the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Money Made Clear website.
  • The key elements will be (i) Accessing benefits and other sources of help; (ii) Opening a bank account and accessing affordable credit; (iii) Budgeting and managing finances; (iv) Managing debt; (v) One to one advice service for women where English is an additional language.


Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Credit Union/Chesterfield Citizens Advice Bureau (£4975)

This grant is to provide

  • a joint project providing information on energy saving and avoiding fuel poverty and  presenting the ‘Dealing with Debt’ programme which explains the background and reasons that people get into debt; what to do when they are in debt, and identifies strategies to avoid debt in future
  • a worker for 1 day a week to ensure the delivery of both the courses and materials over the period of 12 months at both the Credit Union, and at CAB.


Nottingham Women’s Centre(£3850)

This grant is to provide financial education training to  at least 45 female ex-offenders to improve their financial well-being and build an independent life free of crime and debt. The project will include

  • holding a weekly drop-in clinic where information and guidance on money management will be offered.
  •  an advice and support worker to provide additional one-to-one support to the women involved in the project,
  • training 10 financial peer mentors to offer support for other women ex-offenders.
  • producing a best practice guide for financial education training of women ex-offenders using a flexible and sensitive approach


Ponthafren Association (£4698)

This grant is to provide two initial workshops in Newtown and Welshpool Centres for 100 persons,focussing specifically on coping with debt and debt management and covering

  • understanding some of the common causes of debt
  • examples of the consequences of not paying different types of bills
  • the difference between non-priority and priority debts, using common examples
  • different ways to deal with your debt
  • how to increase your income
  • how to seek advice and support
  • budgeting


followed up by one to one money management sessions for our clients in an environment they are familiar with.


Nairn Citizens Advice Bureau (£5000)

This grant is to improve the financial literacy of people who may be vulnerable to falling into debt problems, in particular young people under the age of 18 and their families.

The objectives of the service are to:

  • Deliver financial education sessions in 3 secondary schools in Nairnshire for around 270 pupils  aged 11 to 18
  • Provide financial education and related money advice to a minimum of 30 individual young people to assist them to avoid debt and more effectively manage their money
  •  To train minimum of 3 young people who will then be competent to deliver financial education sessions and advice to their peers.



Western Isles Citizens Advice Service £5000)

This grant is to improve the financial literacy of people who may be particularly vulnerable to falling into debt or who may have particular difficulties in managing their money, especially young people and long-term unemployed people.  This will involve:

1.    Delivering financial education sessions producing material and covering topics such saving and borrowing, budgeting, student loans and avoiding debt.  to secondary school pupils in the following  secondary schools in Lewis Barra and Uist.

 Lionel Secondary in Ness on Lewis

 Nicolson Institute in Stornoway on Lewis

 Sir E Scott Secondary in Tarbert, on Harris

Sgoil Lionacleit in Benbecula on Uist

Castlebay Secondary on Barra.

2.    Providing individual support to at least 10 young people, under the age of 18 to enable them better to manage their debts and to budget and manage their finances effectively

3.    Providing individual support and advice to at least 10 long-term unemployed people to enable them more effectively to manage their money and maximise their income.


Southwark Muslim Women's Association (£1200)

  • This grant is to implement The Money Advice Project which  will
  • aim to improve the ability of women in poor families to manage their family finances
  • enable them to deal with or avoid debts and improve their income or benefits.
  •  employ a tutor to lead a series of 10 two hour workshops for at least 30 women  on personal finance covering matters such as banking, budgeting, use of credit and debit cards, savings, managing debts, maximising incomes, examining educational benefits, consumer rights and protecting oneself from fraud.
  • to provide a crèche in order to allow women with young children to attend the workshops


Family Matters York (York Community Family Trust) (£4068)

This grant is todeliver 6 Financial Literacy courses to communities with highest poverty in York as identified by Office of National Statistics. Each course  will be for at least 20 persons (720 in Total) and consist of 6 workshops covering the main areas of financial literacy, practical skills for the participant including how to prepare a budget, how to analyse a wage slip, understand, how to read a bank account and consider attitudes to money.


Workshops will cover:-


  1. Wages/ benefits This section looks at understanding wage slips, explaining tax and NI.
  2. Budget This section looks at why you need to draw up a budget and how to do it.
  3. Bills This section looks at all essential, utility bills and considers how to choose the best rate.
  4. Banks This section looks at types of bank accounts, how to read bank statements and other banking activities including standing order, direct debits, overdrafts and charges.
  5. Borrowing & saving This section looks at our attitudes to money and in particular considers types of borrowing and saving, and consideration of priorities.
  6. Debt This section looks at what is debt, how to avoid it, what the options are and a guide to personal planning.


Warm Hut UK (£4582)

This grant is to b deliver financial education and advice  for not less than 100 individuals recently given Refugees status or leave to remain in the country.  This will consist of running educational workshops facilitated by a debt advisor from money skills or a credit union and trained volunteers


 6 Workshops of approximately 1-1 1/2 hours each will be run throughout the year and will include training on

  • Budgeting: set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions through their understanding of finances
  • Understanding the key financial products learners may need throughout their life ,including bank accounts, mortgages, basic investments like stocks
  • Understanding basic financial concepts like interest
  • Discussing money and financial issues
  • Making  good financial choices about saving, spending and managing debt throughout your life: for example, when getting an education, starting a job, buying a house, starting a family, getting ready to retire and living out your senior years.
  • Responding competently to changes that affect everyday financial well-being – including events in the general economy like the recent collapse of financial markets, rising unemployment and the threat rapid inflation.


Trail Blazers (£4928)

This grant is to be used following consultation with mentors and mentees, towards the costs to


  • update, and pilot a financial toolset which will prepare young offenders whilst still in prison to learn about budgeting, finance and how they can plan for and live financially securely once they are released.
  • trial additional support for mentees in relation to financial matters on release through providing specialist training sessions in their communities to support the young offenders to take simple steps towards financial literacy (eg opening a current and savings account) once they are released.
  • develop the toolset using ongoing feedback over 6 months from the mentors and approximately 90 mentees to trial the best method of delivery within the prison and evaluate progress as the toolset develops and is practically used.
  • run a series of four pilot project training sessions for mentees on release from prison to consolidate their learning and to support them to take steps to organize their financial situations practically eg helping them fill out application forms for a bank account.
  •  produce and distribute the new, completed toolset for use by all of our new mentors and mentees that have not been involved in the initial piece of development work.
  • make the toolset available to similar organisations and for the Youth Offending Institutions that we work in for use with other inmates that are not supported by our service directly.
  • deliver four training sessions in the last four months of the project to support at least 48 mentees on release from prison to consolidate their learning and put into place the actions agreed within the prison.
  • ensure that each initial beneficiary will have a bank account by the end of the project.
  • benefit at least 160 young offenders in prison every year.



Voice UK (£4936)

This grant is towards the cost of piloting and developing an innovative, sustainable programme which supports people with mild and moderate learning disabilities to manage their money and keep out of debt.


  • The programme will be delivered through  peer lead workshops delivered by Voice UK staff with a mild learning disability and using easy read materials
  • The programme will involve a sessional Peer Trainer and support worker co delivering two hour, peer led "My Money" Courses for not less than 300 beneficiaries in three areas of the country where Voice UK has set up volunteer groups of people with learning disabilities: Derby, Manchester and West Midlands.
  • Easy read course materials will be produced together with an easy read guide ‘’Understanding my money” on money which will be distributed to some 3000 people with learning disabilities which they can keep for on going reference to help them manage their money including the VOICE UK phone number which they can ring for support.
  • Volunteer groups will also be supported to arrange visits to local banks helping to break down barriers people with learning disabilities face in accessing financial services and follow on support will be available from volunteers staffing VOICE UK’s helpline.
  • Through the workshops people with learning disabilities will be supported to understand: money and its value; benefits they receive including direct payments and personal budgets;
  • the role banks and other financial institutions can play in helping to keep their money safe; the fact that money is theirs and they are not obliged to give it away to so called friends who ask for it


Harrow CAB (£5000)

This grant is to work with 4 local charities (Compass, Blenheim CDP, Westminster Drug Project,  Ethnic Minority Alcohol Service Harrow)  who support people who have misused drugs and alcohol especially those who are working towards abstinence to

  • provide support and training for staff in money management so that clients can continue to receive help after the project ends.
  • increase financial capability in up to 60 service users through the provision of group training, assessed by user evaluation
  • increase staff ability to support on money issues after the project ends through the provision of training, to be evaluated through assessing increased staff knowledge
  • provide one to one support to at least 50 users to enable them to better manage their financial affairs and understand their benefit rights and responsibilities. Report on increased income and ability to budget will be provided


Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council(£4953)


This grant is to deliver individually tailored, face-to-face Financial Health-Checks in partnership with Clockwise Credit Union and the Community Advice and Law Service,  to assist  local residents to;

  • Improve budgeting skills and encourage saving.
  • Maximise income by identifying welfare benefits entitlement.
  • Relieve fuel poverty by reviewing tariffs, accessing social tariffs or changing supplier. Access basic bank accounts and affordable credit.
  • Review debts and repayment schedules, and access specialist debt advice if required.
  • deliver informal financial literacy awareness training to local community groups.


 As a result

  • 92 disadvantaged residents (2 per week x 46 weeks) will demonstrate improved confidence and skills such as budgeting, information gathering, and decision making, and will be empowered to manage their money more effectively.
  • 92 disadvantaged residents will benefit from reduced stress and anxiety and improved health and wellbeing.
  • £20,000 will be achieved for clients through debt write-offs and welfare benefit awards.
  • There will be increased community awareness about financial capability through peer-education and partnership working.



BATIAS (£5000)

This grant is to provide additional resources to extend the capacity of the current Money Matters Project. This will enable

  • a group to meet weekly for 6 weeks in an accessible South Essex location for 1.5 hours each session.
  • over a 26 week period 3 groups will be facilitated, one in Southend area, one in Thurrock and one in Grays.  A minimum of 5 people will attend the groups with a maximum of 15
  • one to one support will be given to 10 people
  • best practice finance work to take place with 2 local care providers, meeting twice a month to review financial practice- the existing BATIAS guidelines to be reviewed and updated by the end of the project.

In addition 

  • A sub-committee of service users will be established within 6 weeks of the project starting that will meet monthly to highlight their main concerns and identify any specific training needs.

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