MSE Charity charity fund

How to apply to the MSE Charity

Grants are available for constituted groups/charities looking to develop projects.
"All grants are given at the discretion of the Trustees”.

When to Apply




THE NEXT ROUND WILL BE OPEN FROM THE  1st  to the 31st May 2015

Eligible Groups

As the Trust's resources are modest, the trustees prefer to fund small to medium-sized charities with an annual income of less than £500,000 where small grants can have more impact.
Only one application whether successful or not will be considered for each organization within a two year period.

10% of any funding grant will be retained until the monitoring form has been completed and returned at the end of the project.

You can download a copy of the questions asked in the application process here. You should read these notes before completing  the application form. Please remember that we only accept electronic applications and any other delivery methods will not be considered.


The 'Grant Approval Panel' meets three times a year to discuss application rounds. The closing date for each round will be announced on this website and in the free weekly email.

You can apply using our electronic application form hereIf you  start an application  and are unable to submit it due to a technical fault please email

The next GAP meeting is on 12th March 2015


What happens after I apply?

After a provisional check that your application meets the requirements of the charity and it's correctly filled in, it will be put to the 'Grant Approval Panel (GAP)' whose job it is to distribute the funds. We hope to make a decision within six weeks of the deadline, and will inform all applicants of the outcome after that.
Got any questions?
If you have  queries application process then contact the Operations Manager:

Information for groups/innovative projects


The MSE Charity supports projects such as self-help groups and other innovative projects that will help educate people about money/debt/consumer issues. So whether you're a charity, or an individual with a good idea, let us know and we'll see what can be done to help.

What type of projects?
Anything that fits the charity's remit. Whether it's a project to teach squaddies about money before they leave the army, or to set up a debt support group - it'll be considered. Grants of up to £5000 are available. However you will need to adhere to the following criteria:
  • Projects must assist people to improve their quality of life through knowledge and understanding of how to manage and take control of their own financial situation.
  • Groups will need to demonstrate that they have researched and assessed the need for the project.
  • Groups must demonstrate that the project will make a significant difference to the beneficiaries so the OUTPUTS must be achievable, measurable, deliverable within budget and within a time frame and be sustainable.
  • Groups will also need to show that the project will also provide outcomes that will benefit their wider communities.
  • It will be necessary for groups to demonstrate that they has the skills, ability and experience to deliver the project.
  • The MSE Charity will consider full project cost recovery, but costs must only relate to the project itself and not the organisations core funding. We will not normally fund capital equipment such as laptops and projectors.
  • Projects must provide value for money 
  • Projects should seek to provide long term solutions rather than short one off events.
  • For existing projects with a proven success record, consideration will only be given to those that can demonstrate that funding will be used to extend the project beyond its existing boundaries in terms of the scope of project, number of beneficiaries and/or time frame.
Can anyone apply for this?
Before we can give you funding, you will need to become a 'constituted group'. This roughly means an organisation with its own bank account and rules to make it accountable.
Don't worry, if needed we can put you in touch with people who'll help you do this (contact
Applications for special consideration by the Trustees.
The Trustees want to encourage all activities and ideas that will promote the charity's educational aims. They recognise that there will be such schemes that don’t fit the previous categories, or require additional expenditure. Such projects must be of national significance and the benefits must be widespread or cascade out to other worthy causes.
If you have something you consider to be special you will still need to apply on line but then write directly to the Operations Manager (, who will bring it to the attention of the Trustees.
Once your project is completed we require you to fill in a Project Completion Report. You will be sent this via email but you can also download a copy of it here.

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