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The MSE Charity

The MSE Charity is undertaking a strategic review.

We intend to continue supporting grassroots work, helping the most vulnerable and excluded in society to manage their money better. However, we want to really make sure that what we are doing is contemporary and making a real difference to people’s lives. Nurturing innovation is also an area to explore further.

Normal grant giving has been put on hold this round and instead we will be inviting expressions of interest for ideas for innovative projects.  Is there a great idea lurking in your organisation? Have you been thinking about a really different way of helping people to manage their money better but not been able to find funding to kick it off? If you have, now is the time dust off its covers.  


Innovation Round now Open!  Click through to find out more and How to Apply Innovation-Round
When normal grant give resumes later in the year, details will be posted well in advance online.
Any enquiries regarding existing grants - please contact our Administrator at

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