Monitoring & Reporting

When the MSE Charity makes a grant it is because we are genuinely interested in your organisation and we want to make a difference. As part of your grant conditions, all grant holders are required to report back on the delivery and expenditure of their grant.  This is not only to monitor progress but to help us to determine how effective our grant making programme is, and to adapt if necessary. 

If Something Changes

We understand that projects can sometimes change as they develop and that organisations may have to adapt to changes in circumstances.  If any significant changes happen to the work we are funding, or to your organisation (e.g. change of leadership), or if the timescale of a project is altered, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss this.  We believe in having honest and open relationships with our grantees so please do contact us to discuss any variations before they are implemented.  

Grant Fraud

The MSE Charity takes grant fraud very seriously as this diverts scarce resources and support away from legitimate charitable causes, and is potentially subject to criminal proceedings. Please read our Anti Fraud Policy Statement

New Approach to Monitoring

Further to our Charity’s strategic review during 2016, the Trustees in particular indentified the need to gain more insight into the ‘difference’ and ‘impact’ our grants make. 

To this end we have re-structured the grant monitoring for grants, so two elements will now be required;

This form needs to be completed online at the end of your project. A reminder email with a link to the form will be sent, further applications from an organisation will not be                 considered if this is not completed.

Managing Your Money Beneficiary Survey
This needs to be completed twice, once before the activities start, and then repeated at the end of the projectThis is a generic 8 question, 4 minute survey which can be completed either online or as printed version (answers will need to be submitted electronically later). The After Survey includes one extra open ended question.

We are piloting the Beneficiary Survey approach iN 2017 and 2018, aiming to help smaller organisations with a simple resource that is effective in providing a journey of change, easy to use, and beneficial to all. For us as a funder, it will allow us to monitor in a consistent way and evaluate across all grants that we give. 

It should be noted that the final 10% of any grant agreed, is witheld until satisfactory completion of the grant monitoring forms. Future applications will not be considered if the forms have not been returned.