The MSE Charity is a grant-making charity, it was launched in May 2008 by founder of the acclaimed Money Saving Expert website, Martin Lewis OBE. It is dedicated to improving information and education about debt, money and consumer issues in the UK. Companies spend billions on advertising, marketing and teaching their staff to sell – yet we get no buyers' training. The UK is in debt crisis, a whole generation is in debt up to its ears.

The MSE Charity is designed to try and break that cycle of debt.  

A donation of £235,000 was made to launch the charity, and substantial donations from the Money Saving Expert website are given annually to the Charity. The operational costs of running the Charity are met separately by a personal donation from Martin. Anyone who wants to support the charity is very welcome; for the many who’ve said they’d like to donate to as it’s saved them money, please contact us

Upto March 2016 we have made grants totalling over £667,000